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St. Paul Lutheran Church Sanctuary

This flagship project consists of a building envelope that houses a sanctuary which seats approximately 570 people. The building has a neo-gothic exterior and traditional interior design. The sanctuary interior is finished in stone with gypsum board ceilings and walls with finished wood trim on columns, beams and windows. Acoustics are superior which allows use of the sanctuary for various secular performances as well as worship services. The chancel has two levels. One serves to support the altar and pulpit and another serves as a raised platform for special music, choir, handbells, etc. A balcony which extends the full width of the rear of the sanctuary provides overflow seating and is the location for the new organ and sound/light/media control station. The exterior consists of stone facing, stucco treatment, custom windows and a loc-seam metal roof. The northwest corner of the sanctuary building is emphasized by a 56' high bell tower and canopied walkways which link the tower to the building. This building won American Buildings Company's 2004 2nd Runner Up Building of the Year.

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